Whats Needed To Make A Successful Video Game


There are endless elements required in order to make the perfect video game. As every next generation console and gaming device comes to market with improvements in technology the challenges that game developers face become more and more difficult. Graphics, sound effects, storyline, characters, music, and control all play a major part in the development of our favorite titles. They are often considered to be true artistic mediums for the modern era- combining all of the exciting facets that help players immerse themselves in their virtual realms. But there is one absolutely crucial factor that can often get overlooked in the development process. Crucially, is the game actually fun to play?

There are thousands of games available, spread across a plethora of devices from next gen consoles to apps so what makes one game fun yet another monotonous and dull? Why is an expansive and gritty title such as ‘Grand Theft Auto’ on par with something as simple, bright and colorful as ‘Angry Birds’ when it comes to pleasing the player?


Gameplay itself is the most important factor for every new release. Players must be able to interact effortlessly with the characters and their surroundings and assume total control to become fully immersed in the action on screen. The best games are actually often the most simplistic. If we look at online Casio games, available on one of a number of sites with a handy guide that help you along the way we can see that the gameplay and story you make for yourself add a new layer of excitement. However, the idea of an immersive story is a great feature for more complex games that aim to empower players with a purpose of completion- whether that be reward incentives for good play or the opportunity to make it to the next level that appeals to our competitive natures.


The graphics and artwork used in the industry today are incredibly detailed and more lifelike than ever before. For games trying to promote a realistic theme, cutting edge visual effects are required and a real world style that can help blur the lines between what they’re playing and real-life simulation. It’s all dependent on the purpose of the game. Fans of retro titles will proclaim that nothing can compare to that warm nostalgic feeling associated with seeing pixelated 8-bit graphics but certainly, more next-gen console games need to ensure that the effects are top notch.


If a game is too easy then players will get bored and disappointed very quickly. Conversely, if the game is over-complex and too difficult to complete then this will frustrate players even more quickly. Getting the right balance between action and accomplishment is important when a player embarks on that gaming journey; they want to feel challenged enough to keep them interested but ultimately want an attainable goal. With gamers now even more connected than ever before, sharing tips and hints, developers often struggle to maintain this balance but the very best video games constantly innovate and offer extra features in order to succeed.

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