When They Return to the Silver Screen in 2017


2016 is often referred to as the worst one in the last (insert any two-digit number here) years. Well, it certainly wasn’t a boring one – we had so many events in such a quick succession that we couldn’t even realize we had a bad year, it was already over. When it comes to movies, we might say that we had a balanced year – we had great movies and bad ones. Sometimes the good ones were the bad ones: Suicide Squad, for example, was one of the most resounding movies of the year, with half of the audiences thinking it was great, while others considering it a piece of crap. Luckily, 2016 is over – let’s not look back at it but stare into the one ahead of us instead. Because 2017 will be the year when Alien Evasion is back on the silver screen. Among others.

The Mummy

One of the biggest returners of movie history is none other than a classic Universal monster known as The Mummy. The first trailer of the movie was quite controversial – especially since most of its potential fans don’t know any other version than the one played by Arnold Vosloo in the 1999 version. This year’s version will be darker, more on the horror side, much like many of the character’s appearances ever since his first movie role in 1932. This year, in turn, the Mummy will be a she… I can’t wait to see her smite Tom Cruise on the big screen!


The xenomorph has been around for almost forty years, and for the better part of its career, it’s been fighting Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver). It’s life’s work has inspired numerous books, comic books, video games, even an award-winning slot machine that you can try at the Wintingo Casino. The game, loosely based on James Cameron’s vision, has been a success ever since its first appearance at the Wintingo, and it’s been recognized by Wintingo players and critics alike. No wonder – its designers managed to capture the movies’ atmosphere perfectly.

This year will see the first Alien movie (Prometheus was NOT one) where the xenomorph will not fight Ripley or a Predator. Its trailer shows a lot of promise – especially since the great Ridley Scott is the man behind the project.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner, Ridley Scott’s cult science fiction flick based on Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, has been a tough nut to crack for Hollywood. 35 years had to pass until someone – namely Denis Villeneuve – had the balls to touch it. He has a handful of projects attached to his name – his latest was the Golden Globe nominee Arrival.

The trailer is promising, at least when it comes to visuals. Whether it’ll manage to live up to the legacy of 1982 original, remains to be seen.

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