Which 2018 Smartphone are Best for Gaming?


The way in which we as a society participate in gaming has changed over the years. Initially, gaming consoles were first used for those at home to play their favorite games. When the internet was created it completely changed how we do many things including gaming. Now, the internet provides numerous gaming choices including online casino gaming. Today, one of the most popular devices to use for this kind of gaming is the smartphone. With many different kinds of Smartphones on the market, it is the best time to play and plenty of options for playing some phones are designed to work better with gaming than others.

317_cover_0One quality that a gaming phone should have is a large display with crisp graphics. Samsung Galaxy S9 is able to meet this qualification with its 5.8-inch size screen. The overall density of the pixels is an impressive 570 pixels per inch which are a result of the 2960×1440  resolution. Many online gaming sites, such as casinos and bingo sites, have gone to a lot of effort to make their sites as realistic as possible. Therefore, it is important to have a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S9 that can permit you to fully appreciate them. According to many sites like CNET it is one of the best phones of the year overall.

The processor found in a gaming phone should be a faster, and more reliable. The reason for this is games are becoming quite sophisticated needing to be able to run much quicker. A phone/tablet with a processor worthy of this is the Google pixel 2 xl. The 2XL is powered by 2GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor is able to process information quickly making it an ideal gaming phone. For those who play online bingo games at sites like Swag Bingo, this speedy processor is even more important especially when playing for real money. Slow gameplay can be very annoying and menacing especially when playing for money. Along with the processor, an adequate amount of RAM is also needed. At least 1 GB is ideal but many phones today provide 2 GB which means the phone will be able to handle games of the future.


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