Why PC and Console have such avid fans


Advantages of PC’s and Consoles

It used to be that a PC was the only way in which players could enjoy games.  Later, consoles also had the capabilities of playing online such as the Sega Dreamcast.  Unfortunately, the Dreamcast did not have much success and was discontinued.  In 2002 PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube developed games that players could play online, and a new generation of gaming was born.

Many gamers use a console to play games and playing online is also possible with Microsoft Xbox Live Service, and Sony has also developed games that can be played online from the PlayStation 3.  Consoles can be used to download games as well as other apps, which could only be done with a PC before.  There are games that can be played on both PC’s and consoles, such as Final Fantasy XI.  PC’s do however have a wider range of games that can be played online, one of the most popular being World of Warcraft, which is only PC compatible.  It would be great if gamers could have both, and in some cases this is possible, but the general rule of thumb is one or the other.


The advantages of gaming on a console include the fact that consoles are cheaper than PC’s.  Consoles will retail for a lot less than a PC and are usually sold together with a few games.  A PC that has the power to run the latest games can usually set a gamer back almost double the amount of a newly released console.

Technically speaking, gaming on a console is much simpler.  A gamer can purchase a console and begin playing almost immediately.  There is no need to configure operating systems or download updates, and gamers will not have to worry about compatibility of games. It’s much like playing instant play games at an NZ online casino, you simply choose the game and get started!

Companies such as Microsoft have made multiplayer gaming easy and the Xbox for example comes with a network card, which makes it easy for players to get connected using DSL or a cable.  Consoles are also more convenient as they can be moved around easily, so if gamers want to play in different places it is not too much of a hassle to move around, whereas a PC will take some time to be moved.

Gamers can also rent out console games and it is usually possible to return games that are purchased if they are not happy with them.  PC games are generally not allowed to be returned, as it is easy to make copies of them.  Console games are usually easier to master, all a gamer needs is quick fingers, no need to spend hours on learning how to play the game.


On the other hand PC’s are also popular for various reasons.  The range of PC games available are larger than console games, especially multiplayer games.  Many MMOG’s have been designed for the PC, and gamers can also use the PC to play MUD’s along with email and browser games as well as digitally distributed games.  PC’s are always improving and are able to offer gamers excellent graphics.  Monitors with higher resolutions can be used for a PC, which may offer a better quality screen than a HDTV.

The way PC technology is improving it is sometimes difficult for console technology to catch up.  PC’s are not restricted when it comes to Internet connections or to other PC’s.  Most operating systems are compatible with each other when multiple players are gaming.  It is also much easier to upgrade a PC by upgrading certain components.


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