Why We Love Weirdworld


I have not done one of these in a long time. Honestly had to really put some thought into this one considering some of the favorite characters I had already chosen in the past. This could have been an actual character, but I thought it was thinking outside the box to choose a whole world that should be spotlighted. As I have said earlier this week, I’m going to sound like a broken record, but Marvel has to get on giving us another Weirdworld series.

For those who are unaware of what Weirdworld is, it is a supernatural realm where all sorts of things exist. A realm of endless potential where nothing is ever truly lost. Well things can be lost, but this is the place where the lost is found. This used to be just another realm, but as of now it is found in the Bermuda Triangle. I found this a cool development since this realm is now more accessible to the Earthly plane. And we haven’t even gotten around to the unique characters who exist here. You have characters like Morgan le Fay, Skull the Slayer, a Jennifer Kale that is Queen of Weirdworld’s Man-Things. There is almost always a chance that you will run into one of them on your journeys in the Weirdworld, but you have just as much of a chance of running into something or someone new along the way too.

What I love about Weirdworld is the madness that is the way this world turns your world upside down by the existence of these fantastical creatures and places. There are many places in the Marvel Universe that you can end up, but none this strange where the rules are not the same. I had almost given up hope that we would get to see Weirdworld again, but this year changed that. First we started off with Deadpool that took the Merc with a mouth on a new mission through the place, and then we still have the next issue of Champions that will send the kids over as well to save their lost friends. Then there was also Weapon H which had Roxxon creating a portal to the world in order to harness its limitless energies. Heck, there was even an Avengers Assembled episode where the team was thrown there as well. That there is four instances of its use and three we can be certain of that came this year. It feels like a sign when more than one creative team is seeing that there are still cool things to do with Weirdworld and the type of challenges it can bring our heroes.

It also takes a special kind of artist to explore this realm as well. I say supernatural, but the words fantasy, medieval, barbaric, all come to mind as well. When you flip open to a book centered around Weirdworld, it is as if the artist breathed life into a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Mike Del Muno, Scott Hepburn, Guiu Vilanova, Max Dunbar, are names you couldn’t have chosen better to tackle the visuals of this setting. Not all of them have really put out full art for what’s about to be released, but when you know their history there’s no denying what they bring to the table. In general, when Weirdworld comes to mind, what also comes to mind is mind-blowing artwork from quality artists. If you aren’t sold on the story, you at least know that the interior art will grab you immediately. I would be shocked if it does not.

Artwork aside, something you shouldn’t overlook about Weirdworld is the quality of writing that goes into the adventures here. A coming of age story about a girl coming to terms with what she lost and what she has to live for. A story of valiant heroics from a barbarian warrior who goes above and beyond to keep this magical realm in balance. Even a story about survival and self-discovery from a knight who really needed to get a hold of himself before his power consumed him. Just a few examples of stories where it isn’t just about the action or the style. There’s always a good reason to find yourself stuck here for better or for worse. You could be fighting for your home, a way out, or a way to find yourself in a place where again the lost is found. The lost doesn’t have to mean objects that people have lost on Earth.

Sometimes I even wonder, why have we not gotten a TV series taking place here? I’m sure that you could even do a movie here, and it wouldn’t have to connect with the MCU one bit. It could be its own thing and grab an audience just based on being unique and nothing else like what DC, Image, or Archie Comics put out.

So, what do I love about Weirdworld? Anything you could think of that wouldn’t make too much sense of Earth has the opportunity to thrive here. The opportunities to tell a story here is endless, and it only takes a creative team bold enough to throw their characters into the fire. I’m sure for as many times as we have visited this magical realm in the past, we still have not seen everything. How could we? And isn’t the ability to be caught off guard by the unexpected exciting? Even if we need to shake things up with a major character from Weirdworld to crossover into Earth to create more reason for others to take notice of this realm, let it be done.

Stay tuned for the next “Why We Love”. Going to try to make this a thing again because we are at a time where the comic community must dilute the hate with the things we love most about comics.

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