“Wonder Woman” Excites and Proves Heroes Still Exist


Before its release, Wonder Woman’s marketing campaign dazzled us with posters that featured a few strong words. Courage. Wonder. Power. All of that, along with some very good looking trailers made an attempt to wash away the stink that has been the DC films. For more jaded fans, this wasn’t enough (and it shouldn’t be), we needed to see the final product. Would it sink like Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman or would it soar and be a movie deserving of its lead? Wonder Woman is by no means a perfect film. It has flaws that most superhero genre movies have but it is by far the most enjoyable DC movie since Nolan’s first two Batman films. It is highlighted by a hero that actually behaves like a hero and makes a true attempt at instilling hope into its viewers. Note, there will be some minor spoilers within this review. 

Wonder Woman has a fairly simple premise. Diana was born on Themyscira after a war between the gods. She’s the only child born there since the creation of the Amazons.  Her mother, Hippolyta is protective of her and while she teaches her the history and customs of the Amazons, she refuses to allow her to learn to fight. Hippolyta still fears a resurgence of Ares, the god of War and doesn’t want to bring unneeded attention to the island.  She doesn’t want Diana to be a soldier but she faces resistance from Antiope, her aunt and Themyscira’s strongest fighter. Eventually Diana learns to fight thanks to Antiope and becomes a fierce warrior. Her life changes forever when a man, Steve Trevor crash lands on the island and tells them of a war in man’s world. Diana leaves to help him fight this war and bring peace to the world.

Wonder Woman’s strength comes from its lead Gal Gadot. In her very short appearance in Batman vs. Superman, Gadot was static and felt uncomfortable. All that vanishes in this movie and Gadot is charming, sweet, bewildered and extremely fierce. She is the embodiment of Wonder Woman in every aspect. She is a hero and at multiple points early on we’re treated to Diana outwardly explaining the role of someone like her and her new friend Steve Trevor. When people are in harm’s way, you do something. It’s your duty if you have the capability. This is a sentiment we see semi expressed in many of today’s superhero movies but Wonder Woman is not just lip service. I was not sold on Wonder Woman until the No Man’s Land scene when Diana, who is on a time sensitive mission, comes across a village that has become a place of constant fighting and suffering. Neither side has given an inch and this has created a situation where nothing has been gained but everything has been lost. Diana, after being told how hopeless this is and how she has to keep moving on with their plan takes it upon herself to step in and save this town. Why? Because it’s what’s right. At this moment the movie becomes a true superhero story as we see a superhero step up to the plate to actually save people with nothing to gain and everything to lose. Diana is still untested. She’s never been in this kind of fight and her powers are still in their early stages.

It is here that as a viewer, I choked up a bit. The experience of watching a superhero actually be a hero is not something we’re treated to in these films anymore. We’re often times stuck watching superheroes deal with their own personal drama (which isn’t invalid by any means) or they are fighting with each other. Wonder Woman doesn’t do that and doesn’t want to be that as a film. It wants you to believe that if Wonder Woman existed in our time, she would help us and it does a fantastic job selling that. She’s a hero for us in these times and that’s the biggest takeaway from this film. For the first time in a long time, DC/Warner Brothers offered a movie that instills hope and courage into the viewer.

Wonder Woman boasts some exhilarating action for most of the film. The scenes in Themyscira have a brutality to them but there’s a grace in how they train and how they move. Diana herself is a very deliberate fighter. Unlike some of her DCEU counterparts, she doesn’t cause a lot of wild property damage for the sake of it. Diana is highly trained and does her job right or she doesn’t do it at all. The lasso of truth was probably the biggest question mark as far as the action goes and it actually provides for some of the most visually interesting sequences later in the movie. It is used really effectively in the fights it shows up in and feels very comic booky which is another breath of fresh air.

Wonder Woman is not all on her own as she does have a substantial supporting cast. Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is very sweet and charming in all the right ways. Steve and Diana have chemistry and their arc does not take away from the bigger storyline or even makes this less about Diana. It all unfolds in a very sweet way but what stands out the most about Trevor is his restraint. It would be incredibly easy to have him over explain things but he is there as a foil to Diana. He isn’t there to criticize her beliefs or force her to be something she isn’t. The rest can’t be said for the rest of the characters though. Sameer, Chief, Charlie and Etta are really there to provide a couple of laughs and good times information but they are ultimately forgettable.

The movie’s biggest flaws come at the end with a very late villain twist that pushes the movie’s run time to a breaking point. The movie runs far past 2 hours and a big part of this is because of this twist near the end. While it doesn’t come out of nowhere, it never feels like it needs to be in this movie. The third act has a chance to come to a very natural conclusion but it shoe horns something into it that doesn’t necessarily need to be there. Most of the things that follow in it could have happened without this twist but Wonder Woman manages to hold on and end in a very satisfying way as far as the growth and evolution of Diana.

Wonder Woman has its share of pacing and length issues but as far as this genre goes, it is near the top of the pack. It is a fully contained story that doesn’t go out of the way build a bridge to some bigger event. It allows its star to be the focus from beginning to end and gives viewers a reason to put hope in heroes again.

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Wonder Woman is heroic, exciting and something we all needed.

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