X-Men: Gold #33’s Truth to Storm’s Asgardian Hammer


I gotta say, I was with X-Men: Gold for a good while, but when I got a taste of what X-Men: Red had to offer, I couldn’t help but jump ship. Now with that said, there was a few things I really did enjoy about the series and its more recent developments. One of those things being Storm getting her Stormcaster hammer again. This development came out of left field, but I’ve always loved this upgrade to her powers. This time the experience was much different because she was in full control of this power in contrast to the few times before when the hammer was in the driver’s seat.

While this brought about excitement, the question still remained why this time around she suddenly found herself with the hammer, and at such a convenient time for her. Normally there had to be a good reason beyond simply needing it or the hammer needing her. This time around it truly made sense. With her connection to that hammer, if someone genuinely prayed to her as a Goddess, should she not receive an answer? Something like this being possible feels more natural in a world where the War Thor hammer is broken, when Mjolnir is also broken. So that leaves very few enchanted items out there that you can say belong to someone who can be considered a God. When that person praying for Storm to take on the proper role as a God is also someone who raised her as her mother, that makes the discovery that much more powerful. This may not be understood to Storm yet, but we know the truth and that makes all the different currently.

This was a great time to also get into the truth about Storm’s Asgardian hammer because waiting too long would only have made this seen as a twist thrown in for the heck of it. Surely the X-Men have been lacking someone with her kind of power level, but sometimes that power has to be earned rather than tossed in for shock and awe. That’s not to say that its the impression I got when she first transformed again, because nothing gets me more excited than when Storm is shown unleashing her true potential in one way or another. Being one of the most powerful mutants on the planet means nothing if never given the chances to prove just why that is the case.

Now while Storm is cool whether she has the hammer or not, having this upgrade is important when you want to see longtime X-Men grow rather than stay stagnant. That is why I can only hope that despite this issue finally addressing how the hammer made its return again, it won’t mean that by the end of the story she goes back to simply being a mutant.

Overall, do I feel satisfied with the truth behind Storm’s hammer returning? I surely did, the truth hits home for anyone who takes interest in the person Ororo used to be, where she came from, and what she left behind to get where she is now. As long as someone like Storm is used so much that she is neglecting a place she called home, there will always be room to appreciate when that world comes clashing with her own in the form of an answered prayer and call to action.

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