Yolo Rush Review


At its core, Yolo Rush is a simple Match 3 game that mirrors many of the other charismatic games of its kind in the App Store. Secretly, the game exhibits a more intuitive and entertaining brand of match 3 gameplay by incorporating a unique 2D fighting game aesthetic. This is what sets Yolo Rush apart from its predecessors; while the gameplay itself is similar to other match 3 games, the stakes become raised when the matching influences the outcome of battles between your character and the AI enemy.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-2-59-01-pmYou’ll fight all across the Food Lands, where you traverse multiple food-themed stages in order level up your collection of animal heroes. Each land has a boss enemy egg with a series of other minor enemies to battle beforehand. The gameplay starts off simple but progressively becomes more difficult as you enter deeper lands. Along the way, you gather more heroes to aid you in your battles and thus, greater opportunities to level up each character.

After each match, your chosen hero is required to rest for a period of time, although you can speed the process up by using gems that you receive from each match. These gems can also be used to unlock more food lands and—at times—more heroes to battle with. You might also be able to use plane tickets to unlock Food Lands and even level up your characters much more quickly.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-2-59-12-pmYolo Rush’s gameplay is surprisingly fresh and energetic: the fighting action is clearly represented through bright and seemingly cartoonish visuals that are extremely colorful and pleasing to the eye. With regards to gameplay, the action is electric. As a player, you have to constantly search for opportunities to match 3 shapes in order to deal damage to the enemy character. Consequently, you’re always on your toes, moving as fast as possible and testing your reflexes with each battle. As you proceed through the Food Lands, your speed will truly be put to the test as you reach egg bosses who are fully capable of taking down your highest ranked hero with ease.

Like most match 3 games, the more shapes that you’re able to match together, the more powerful the bonus tiles will become. Here, bonuses come in the form of canons, TNT and zapping power-ups that allow you to break apart a lot more shapes and deal more damage to your opponent. You can also unlock more assisting power-ups in the shop that will award you with special attributes like an Attack Potion that increases your attack power by 20% or a Heart, which increases you max HP and Magic Bombs, which changes 8 random gems into bombs. These will definitely come in handy as you make it to the more difficult egg bosses.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-2-59-19-pmIn the shop, you are also able to unlock more heroes, special avatars and other goodies to update your profile. Apart from that, the game itself is a simple single player puzzle game; however, there are online leaderboards that allow the player to compare their scores with other players. Though the replay value might appear sparse, the unique and excitingly quick gameplay is enough to keep anyone invested. With tons of content to unlock and plenty of lands to explore, Yolo Rush succeeds in bringing something new to an already familiar genre.

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