My comics February 12th 2014: Looking for a right wing comic.

Hello kids, here’s my weekly video where I show you what I’ve picked up from my local comic book shop ( I’ve got some good stuff this week. Top of my list is Creepy #15, Red Sonja Berserker and Robocop: To live and die in Detroit. If you watch my video you’ll hear me pose a question, so I’ll repeat it here. Are there any mainstream comics in 2014 that come from a strictly right wing point of view? I read a lot of comics, and the vast majority of them come from a point of view that would be best described as being liberal/left leaning. Marvel comics in particular these days always come from this political stand-point. Has anybody else noticed this? If you are reading a comic that you would categorise as right wing then please let me know, as I would love to read something that comes from a different point of view to the mainstream acceptable norm.