My weekly comics: Feb 5th 2014

Here we go again, the start of the new comic book week proper. The new comics are out, and we have something to get all excited about again. This week I’m particularly looking forward to seeing how Batgirl fits into the Movement, what is going on in Trillium and as always I’m looking forward to reading some sociopolitically relevant corporate machine versus humanity action in two new Robocop books from Boom Studios. Are you with the corporate borg, or are you on the side of humanity? This is the question of our times, and as the corporate controllers try to integrate us into their collectivist prison camp we all need to be aware of where the world is going. Robocop is about the battle between man and machine. The machine is a corporation, a profit driven, uncaring, apathetic monster that sees people as human resources and profit as the only thing that has any worth. If all that sounds familiar it’s because that is the world that is being built around us right now. Comics are largely about escapism, but the best art is a mirror on reality. Robocop is more than just a cool looking metal suit, but I’ll discuss that in more detail later on this week. Here’s the vid, let me know if I’m missing a comic that you’ll think I’ll enjoy.