Z Nation “At All Cost” Review


“At All Cost”, those are the words I’ve been waiting to read for a long time now since Warren and company departed to figure out the bizkit situation. Every new destination led us to a new development in a post-Black Rainbow Zpacolypse. Every new destination also brought this team closer to figuring out just what went wrong with George’s plans to create Newmerica. All of that brings us to this point where there is nothing but confrontation as everything has now come full circle. Altura themselves are next to be dealt with.

Warren and company infiltrating Altura was something to brace for. With an episode like this, everything came down to preparing for when things go wrong. You know that they will, but the question is when that moment will come and what form of consequence they will receive. That actually didn’t take too long, but even then you were left hoping there was more to what you were seeing on the surface. The suspense for the most part carried Warren and Geroge’s part. For as courageous as these two are, there was no telling what would happen to them in the custody of Altura. With Warren being Warren, you were more fearful of what would happen to George. She isn’t used to this kind of action. By that I mean the kind where someone tries to break you, physically.What she went through gave us a great sense of terror that we sometimes are without.

Putting Murphy with the rest of the Talkers was an interesting development for the role he has taken this season. He has gone from part of the team, to the showrunner of Limbo, and then guardian for the Talkers. Some big transitions in such a short amount of time for the guy, but all fitting. I would say it made a big difference to capture the maturity he has taken on to think beyond himself, even when his back is against the wall. Normally I am not the kind of guy to root for Murphy. However, in this case and season he has rarely given me a reason to see him as anything other than reliable. One of a number of qualities that we had to be able to see beyond his jokes and wits. Beyond that, I was happy to see that even with so many changes, there were some things Murphy was still capable of that continue to make him pretty badass.

There was a lot of wheels turning in this hour. I’m going to assume because there’s some big things to unfold in the season finale next week. There was no overlooking the fact that this week is one of the important points in a season where you begin hitting that mark to begin wrapping up storylines. I was glad that we finally started getting somewhere with Sun Mei and Red. I was worried that we may not get anywhere satisfying with them. They made progress on their end, but it always felt like a slow burn considering everything else was moving with a quicker sense of urgency. Overall, where that ended was heartbreaking in an unexpected way. Now the role that Kaya and Citizen Z have taken has been more than appreciated. I was actually worried at one point that we weren’t going to see enough of them as two people who offer technical support that is rare in an apocalypse. When these two are working together, it is consistently heartwarming for some things that do last. Aside from those two, there was only the other three left who had their part to play in the bigger picture. That caught me off guard since we were all so focused on the suspense involved with everything else to see what was being set up for the finale.

Between Pandora and Estes, I was not sure which one of these two I feared most. Pandora on one hand has no problem with getting her hands dirty, and she definitely can’t help herself licking something. Understanding what went on under her hood was quite the scene. Something had to drive her to act so inhumane towards her own kind, and the answer was not at all what you were expecting.What I really anticipated was the scene shared between herself and George. This was an inevitable moment and it was worth the wait for the brilliance that shined through Pandora’s dialogue. So cynical and simply embracing in everything evil that she has done up to this point. If you were looking for that one person who could probably push George over the edge, it was not Estes. It was Pandora which is saying something since Estes initially betrayed her.

Estes on the other hand is simply cunning in his plans. He takes control of his pieces and commands the board. There have been other humans like him who tied their hand at a mad grab for power, but he has a level of self-awareness and confidence that the others wish they had in his position. This was the perfect time to also add some clarity to his end game. There wasn’t too much someone like him could be working towards, though it made sense that we would come full circle to the theme being new world order. For villains of this story, the very best that these two have going for themselves is the lack of sympathy we are required to have for them. I don’t mind knowing why they do what they do, but it would have driven me crazy if we were ever forced to see them as anything too overbearingly complicated or redeemable.

Z Nation “At All Cost” was an hour to get your heartracing. I would say that this week compared to most this season put you through the most fear for losing your favorite characters. Bold moves were made, tragedy was struck, and there is barely a single person who isn’t moving forward torn between justice and revenge. Next week’s series finale should draw that line in the sand, and I do hope it is one for the Z History books.

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