Z Nation “Back from the Undead” Review


Z NATION — “Back From the Undead” Episode 406 — Pictured: Grace Phipps as Sarge — (Photo by: Daniel Sawyer Schaefer/Go2 Z 4/Syfy)

At this point in the season, “The Unknowns” was an episode to appreciate. This was the first time since the group got back together (for the most part) that they were back to dealing with the same problems while traveling. Nostalgia swept us off our feet and took us into that next situation where both zombies and humans in particular were an obstacle. A good balance was found there and hopefully they continue to do so as things aren’t looking so hot for the group after their escape.

I have to say there was some mixed feelings about this week’s episode. Unfortunately that had more to do with Warren who of all people is my favorite character. I guess this has more to do with the direction and mission she has been given this time around. There’s just so many questions and few answers to give you a clue as to what is going on. We know what she is trying to prevent, though even when hearing it from the guy himself it seems Warren isn’t able to put the pieces together. Not to mention the fact that this seems too hard to explain to the others, or even properly communicate with them when their lives are at risk as well for blindly following her. At a point it almost feels like we are doing the same which is cringeworthy. This is not to say she isn’t badass when it counts the most, though there are clearly some holes that must be addressed soon after the big loss they have taken.

Like the episode before, I did however love the excitement that comes with running into something new. The mad zombies so far have been a cool obstacle, and so has the mystery behind the people who kidnapped them last week, though this right here was something completely unique that you could only find in a world like this. Probably the first enemy where the usual means of winning were thrown right out of the window. A bullet or blade wasn’t going to cut it, which made for one heck of an action scene.

The suspense leading up to their confrontation with this biologically modified Franken-Zombie was on point as well. So much was put in front of this group to throw them outside of their comfort zone, even when one of them could have bit the dust just for running into something that defied what zombies can normally do with their body.

Z NATION — “Back From the Undead” Episode 406 — Pictured: (l-r) Tara Holt as Lucy, Russell Hodgkinson, Nat Zang as 10K — (Photo by: Daniel Sawyer Schaefer/Go2 Z 4/Syfy)

This moment between Lucy and Murphy was gold. You couldn’t have gotten this kind of emotion out of any of the other characters at this stage. With Murphy dying, this was that time for Lucy to show that she actually cares about her dad. No time apart or feeling of abandonment could deny him the affection that she had for him underneath all the anger and pain. I would chalk it up to Lucy falling prey to the struggles of being a teen. Her behavior was predictable, yet at the same time commendable when she is able to prove how much she can care for people other than herself. To have taken the promise she made to Addy to heart the way she did changed what you assumed about Lucy from her attitude. How this episode ended between the two stung, but this moment might be good for one of them moving forward.

Z Nation “Back from the Undead” was a roller coaster of emotions. We felt what we needed to during a period where we needed to be reminded of what it means to attach yourself to any one of these characters. This new mission is challenging so far and it seems like things will only get worse before they get any better. Especially if they can’t get Warren to communicate better.


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