Z Nation “Doc’s Stoned History” Review


Z NATION — “Doc’s Stoned History” Episode 507 — Pictured: Keith Allen as Murphy — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

This was a big week to look forward to for Warren and company. Finding Dante and restoring order around these parts was one thing, but the actions of the Altura soldiers may have pushed one too many buttons in the previous episode. That boiling point we will of course work up to. However, for now there is still steps that would need to be taken to cross that line. Especially if you are George who is on a mission.

There’s plenty of dynamics that we have been graced with so far this season, but Doc and George being tasked together was a delightful twist. Not because Doc and George are hard to get along with, but because they are on two very different walks of life. In other words, one is pretty young while the other one fairly old (Zpocalypse abs aside). I think this one worked for the fact that these barriers don’t really matter to Doc. He has energy and puts that into a lot of somewhat meaningful conversations. One that began with the don’ts in a moving car, and the other that had a lot to do with getting high. For a George who is very wound-up right now for this race against time to get to Altura for Dante’s trial, Doc was the perfect person to balance things out without taking away from the urgency to get from point A to point B. I loved how just by adding a little weed to the mix, everything simply came together for the two. George offers a lot more potential to who she can be once you shed a little bit of that weight of responsibility from her shoulders. She can be as laid back, action-ready, and full of no ****s when it counts.

Doc explaining his version of American history to George has been the highlight of my day. If you thought you knew American history, you simply had to brace yourself for what it means to know history from the perspective of a stoner. It made things a thousand times better that they decided to use Sketchy and Skeezy to reenact Doc’s stories about the Founding Fathers. The best thing about this story as it unfolded was that not once were you expected to take anything seriously. There was some accuracy here and there to his tale, but for the most part you knew that this was going to be off my a mile the minute he took that first hit. With that said, the costuming and atmosphere of the setting was a nice touch. It was all confined to one room, but they had a lot going on to make the story entertaining.

On the other end we had Warren and the others going to the bakery that invented bizkits in search of the secret ingredient. This was not at all the trip that I thought it would be. Everything about this wasn’t anything like what you imagined the bakery to look like. Honestly, plenty of places haven’t been up to expectation which is a good thing. Something I pointed out before was the importance of world-building in this season. It began with the changes that took shape from Black Rainbow, and then progressed into the changes from the Altura bombing. From there it was a ripple effect that spread through the lands. So there wasn’t too much to be surprised about when getting those bizkits was going to be trickier. Nonetheless, another interesting setting that took full advantage of the shroud of mystery to the way this treat was made. The problem they faced upon meeting the bakers caught me off guard since what followed leaned towards more humor than seriousness. A uniquely Z Nation situation that also gave us some refreshing new characters who weren’t simply there to be tossed away after making a connection.

Z NATION — “Doc’s Stoned History” Episode 507 — Pictured: Nat Zang as 10K — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

For Addy and 10K, it was an engaging dynamic that they had going for what they have lost up to this point. It helped 10K’s story big time that he could connect with someone who knew exactly what he was experiencing. It was endearing that they could find a way to prove to themselves that not having an eye or arm wasn’t the end of the world. Of course that meant that there was some close calls, but they aren’t the type to go down without a fight. As for Warren and Murphy, Murphy in particular, I liked that they could also find a badass moment together. There’s something they are trying to say about their bond. I don’t know what they are trying to say, but I do like that at the end of the day it takes more than distance to change what either feels about the other.

Seeing this episode ahead of most, this one was different from the way others were presented. Without too much atmosphere, sounds effects, or background noise it was difficult for me to get into the full experience in what some of these characters were going through, but fortunately there was enough from their dialogue and actions that I could take more importance from. In a way it made it a bit easier to focus on the vital bits instead of getting caught up in what they needed spruced up for the finished product. With all of that added, it made a big difference in sinking into some of those key moments. The suspense stood out, the flashback was a bit more whimsical for a laugh, the music choice was on point from that boombox.

Z Nation “Doc’s Stoned History” was entertainment value at its finest. They did not disappoint in giving us a story that could only come out of the stoned mind of Doc. It was educational, and it was deeply weird as they said. He normally has one or two crazy moments a season, and this just so happened to be one of those. As for everyone else, the set-up was excellent for what is about to unfold once they reach their next destinations.

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