Z Nation Double Season Finale Review


The best you could ask for reaching this point in the season is that we finally have a full understanding of the danger Zona is bringing to the world, putting to rest any challenge to the legitimacy of their current mission. We can all agree that the fun in Z Nation is never knowing what the hell is going on, though it goes without saying that you do always anticipate that moment of clarity. This week is our trip to a another destination that you didn’t think possible during a zombie apocalypse.

“Mt. Weather” is exciting for the fact that this is the last place you would think a group of survivors would find themselves. I mean it’s not every day that you would stop to wonder if the president of all people would still be alive. Just one of many reasons to appreciate where Z Nation will take you that other zombie shows won’t. Entering this bunker didn’t quite create the same chilling atmosphere, though only because you were bracing yourself for the threat of humans in contrast to the dead. It was okay for that to be the case since this is bigger than assumed in terms of who they can trust at a time like this.

The only question here was what kind of trouble they would run into despite their good intentions looking for help from the president. What that trouble was came to be quite a shock. This could have been fairly simple, but there were many factors to process here that not even I genuinely thought about when it came to dealings with the president. As said, “Welcome to the nothing’s ever easy club!”. That’s not to saying these were some interesting developments. Whether it was who was actually the acting president, or how everything suddenly connects to the danger of Black Rainbow, this was an overall unique experience. Especially considering the lengths that everyone had to go in order to get the finger needed.

Murphy and Doc once again were a fun duo. They both know how to keep things entertaining even when the situation calls for seriousness. They bicker, but before this season these two would never do so in a way that seemed so friendly. And with that said, Sarge got another moment to shine once again making her an agreeable choice for new character this season. I’m glad that she wasn’t another thrown into the mix only to kill off.

Pacing was great with where they next took us at the start of “The Black Rainbow”. There was an air of suspense here as well considering this is uncharted territory. A fair amount of this episode and the one before did focus on exploration, though that is refreshing, even for a finale. Truthfully I’m more impressed that they aren’t trying too hard like most to blow a budget. I tend to stand by the idea that you should focus on good storytelling before trying to stun with visuals. What kept your attention here was the build-up to when things would escalate and they did not disappoint when that time came.

The urgency was raised when you realize that the clock has been running down. Where things were funny at first, it was good that we could see the fate of the world begin to weigh on their shoulders. When everyone knows what is at stake, then there is no more room for error and questions. The tension between them when deciding what was best to do came out of necessity for those who needed to step up.

It was good to see that at this stage there is more clarity to Warren’s visions. Aside from the trance that they tend to throw her in for direction, there were more hints seen now that lead them to their final destination. The big draw-in for this second half of the season finale was the secret of Warren’s Black Rainbow dream finally unlocked. What actually happened to Warren for the most part made a lot of sense for her and the time that she supposedly lost after getting shot. For better or for worse they made believers out of us when it came to where these visions were ultimately taking us. The realization from Warren was heartbreaking with that said. You don’t go through what she did only to realize the true nature of the problem and the sacrifice that comes with it.

Like the past two seasons, this one managed to drive you up the wall crazy with another big cliffhanger. They know how to keep us coming back for more when we need to know what Warren’s fate is, the fate of Addy/Red/Sun, when we need to know what comes next for this world and its future.

This was a real heroic tale told through the Z Nation double season finale. With the announcement that Z Nation would be renewed for a fifth season, the world will be a new landscape moving forward. That’s the case with the conclusion of any season, but this time around it couldn’t have hit you any harder. There were some shockers, among things that you knew were going to happen inevitably.

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