Z Nation “Escape from Altura” Review


Z NATION — “A New Life” Episode 502 — Pictured: (l-r) Kellita Smith as Warren, Katy M. O’Brian as George, Jack Plotnick as Estes — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

Last week was everything I was hoping for from this new chapter for Operation Bite Mark. The landscape is ever-changing for this world. The dangers are different, the stakes are just as high, the impact hits you just as hard as it did before. And not just saying that because a bomb literally just went off before it was time for the results to be revealed for the fate of Newmerica. What seemed like a dream come true, is now miles away with an attack that should quickly have consequences for everyone. This week we look forward to some heavy fallout and what will rise from the ashes of this disaster.

After the explosive conclusion to the second episode of Z Nation. It was a big wonder what the rest of this season would now have in store for us. I know that I was talking before about how different this place is, and the truth is that it still is. The other people in the other “safe” places were crazy and wrong from the start. This was a place that gave you genuine security. It wasn’t until the very first questionable face you turned to where you had to wonder who could be trouble. The execution came perfectly, and no time at all was spent pulling our legs to show us what would go wrong. This week gave us nothing but expectation for the fate of Altura when the episode is titled with the word escape. What does that mean? That means the last thing that anyone will have the time for is to lick their wounds and count the dead. Momentum was this episodes best friend and quickly got us from point A to B as there had to be someone to blame, panic to control, and answers as to what comes next. Human nature kicked into overdrive, and it was hard to argue with when these people were living in peace for so long.

The atmosphere quickly changed for this season as well from the moment the dust settled from the explosion. I wouldn’t know the long-term plan for George, but honestly this was the best way to see what she really has to offer during a zombie apocalypse. There was no denying that she cared for these people and the idea that they could live under one flag. However, our introductions to her character were only when she was at her lowest, and when things weren’t so bad. Seeing her now when things fall apart only adds to the appeal when actual leadership is what you do when a bad situation is ready to get worse. Having Warren with her helped too. Not because George needed the help, but because these two have a great dynamic when putting their heads together. Everyone else had a unique experience as well following the explosion which continued to keep us engaged. They were either seeing the red flags around them, expressing the emotions we should feel with so much loss, or in general thinking the same things we do after everything they have been through in familiar situations.

Z NATION — “Escape from Altura” Episode 503 — Pictured: (l-r) Kellita Smith as Warren, Katy M. O’Brian as George — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

With that said, 10K nearly losing everything to the panic and anti-Talker sentiments was one petty way of teasing what this kid had to look forward to. That had one meaning, however this was Z Nation and nothing was ever as it seemed. It was a punch to the stomach when it came to what fate he suffered from playing hero. Realizing once again that nothing is forever was a painful reminder of what sets this show apart from the rest in the genre.

As far as villains go, it made a big difference that a Talker could be seen as evil. Who had a hand in these terrible acts was of no surprise, but the way she slips into the role of villainy was pretty awesome. I mean, normally I would not even use the word villain for someone who is trouble, so this is a big change creatively. Not to mention that once again we turn back to the standard format of zombies becoming the enemy. When it comes to zombie shows, too easily we are thrown to human problem-makers, and that can only be done so many times. It is appreciated when Z Nation takes that step forward constantly to break the mold. It wasn’t hard at all to see who was pulling the strings, and who was simply acting like a puppet because of human nature.

How they still found moments of humor was a nice touch for this episode as well. This wouldn’t be Z Nation if everything was too serious. Without some of those moments where you could smile or chuckle, this might just turn into another zombie show where drama reigns supreme. That wouldn’t be what we tune in for weekly.

There were some new developments for Murphy that were definitely left field. It was easy to understand what this turn of events means for someone like him, but you couldn’t have predicted what he could stumble upon along the way.

Z Nation “Escape from Altura” will have you feeling all sorts of things by the end of the episode. You will be pissed at the writers, you will scream at some of these characters. At the end of the day that thrill will hit you hard and in ways that make you question what you thought you were prepared for. I just can’t believe this is what we got, and only in episode three!

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