Z Nation “Escape from Zona” Review


Z NATION — Season:4 — Pictured: (l-r) Grace Phipps as Sarge, Henry Rollins as Lt. Mueller — (Photo by: Daniel Sawyer Schaefer/Go2 Z 4/Syfy)

One episode in and this season of Z Nation feels like a refreshing relaunch for the series. They have completed the mission more or less, so the question was what more could you do. They roved that there is still a lot more that this world and characters have to offer. Especially when they have all been through some stuff over the course of two years passing. Still a wise move if you ask me since there is a new plot to work up to and characters still to catch up with.

This week’s episode while an escape from Zona, is a deeper exploration of this safezone as well. You know I was shocked that not moments into the episode they were quick to revealing what’s not so safe about this place. This was the most Z Nation way about dropping a bomb on our laps without the dramatic effect. It was actually quite humorous in fact. Running into Teller was the turning point here that you were waiting for when looking for the push that will get the ball rolling for Murphy and Warren. Something or someone had to come along to bring emphasis to the mystery behind this place. What made this part so entertaining was the effort it really takes to prove to Murphy that everything is not perfect here. He like anyone else soaks in that opportunity to believe that things can turn around. It was almost saddening to see what happens when his world is practically crumbling around him. Worse when he is hit with the reality check and forced to accept the hard truth.

The tonal shift from there was intense as one would expect. Getting from point A to point B for them was a challenge considering they are surviving the descending madness around them and uncertainty of escape. The Founder you knew was a little twisted, but you couldn’t have prepared for how far he was gone. They didn’t make this seem like the last we saw of him and the trouble might have already begun just by leaving the guy to his devices.

What the rest of the rest of the group is up to at the camp was a slow crawl until it wasn’t. You were pretty much waiting for when crap would hit the fan like you were led to believe. This is the only familiar territory I’ve ever found in Z Nation where you have people looking for an assumed safe place that you don’t know is real or fake. Till a move to Numerica could begin, the question remained what happened to the transport that would get them there. The trouble they run into was well executed since this is a situation where 10K is back to doing what he does best. A sniper in his hand is when you know him best, even better when taking on another enemy sniper. The gunfight overall that broke loose here could only happen in a show like this as well

Z NATION — Season:4 — Pictured: Nat Zang as 10K — (Photo by: Daniel Sawyer Schaefer/Go2 Z 4/Syfy)

Now Lt. Mueller and his squad haven’t stood out too much, though hopefully in time we get to see them as more as than the possible cannon fodder.

Addy (with Lucy) continues to be a point of interest when her situation is yet fully understood after the events of the last season finale. She has lost an eye, and that is not the kind of injury you simply walk from without the thought that she may have died from the fall. That or she is just extremely lucky. Either way at the same time there is a good build-up to whatever she and Lucy had gotten themselves into. Convenience plays a big part in Z Nation and this was no different. It stung to see that she could have run into someone, but it seems the idea right now is to keep pushing everyone along the paths they have already set on until it comes time to properly meet up.

Two episodes into this new season and the ball has started rolling fast. Z Nation “Escape from Zona” proved that no place is truly that safe. Numerica might be, but it is going to be one heck of a journey for them to survive to get there. I only hope that spreading out the characters too thin doesn’t hurt the overall progress of the story. We still got plenty of questions to be answered about the current status of our favorite characters without worrying about too many new developments in-between.

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