Z Nation “Hackerville” Review


After the experience that Warren and company had at the mines, it was any wonder what was in store for them next when heading to Hackerville. Who would have thought that a place like this would even exist in the zombie apocalypse? Don’t mind answering that, you already know who. And who would argue with that? Another uniquely Z Nation development that no other zombie show will be bold enough to touch.

Hackerville was a delight in contrast to everywhere else so far. From the very start I felt a difference in atmosphere that none of the other destinations carried. It was expected that either Kaya or Citizen Z would have a part to play in this, so how they were woven into the plot was very welcomed. This is their wheelhouse, and you know that they have fun with the expertise they share here that few others could understand. That is why it was also exciting who they decided was going to be the special guest for Hackerville. This was someone well-known who carried more than enough charisma and enthusiasm to create standout interactions with Warren and the gang. Did you think they would really be able to get someone onboard as fun as Jason Mewes? Because I sure didn’t. So that is saying something about the attention that this show picks up. The hackers as a whole were fun for how different they are from most zpocalypse survivors. Their methods of fighting Zs was not at all what you were prepared for. It was out there for the zpocalypse, but also fit in with the theme of this place. Your reaction was the same as everyone else in the room who didn’t think killing Zs could get any more creative. Where this destination stands out by the end of the episode is that we aren’t quite finished here. Considering the enjoyment from this experience I didn’t have a problem at all. Especially when there were other wheels turning through this episode to satisfy what you may have wanted to see from other corners of this world.

Finally getting back to Limbo was both heartwarming and suspenseful for what they had in store for them. Some things definitely changed while we were gone, and it was to be expected when Murphy’s business here has clearly evolved past simply making money and having a good time. The trouble he ran into and how he responded to it made a big difference in also understanding the evolution of Murphy this season. You love the guy when he’s carefree, but you adore him even more when he has people to fight for. The suspense kicked in when you were just waiting for the worst case scenario to come knocking at his door. It did, it was a worthwhile exchange of words that Murphy shared with a certain someone

The lack of transparency from Estes was very much welcomed at this stage of the story. Anyone could have been wondering what he has been up to all of this time, and this episode made it worth the wait. He walks in with an updated look, a new confidence in the authority he took from George, and a lack of remorse for the kind of tactics he was willing to use in order to get his way. Right now it is good that we have a strong face to put to the enemy. The other two served well in their role, but Estes is more of the full package being able to hold key conversations on top of everything else.

Taking a trip back to Altura was an interesting decision since there wasn’t too much happening there that was crucial in the way of sciences. With that said, the time spent there was worth it to catch up with some characters who we haven’t seen in quite some time. Some of their efforts were met with strong execution when grasping the emotional weight that comes with coming to terms with all that we do not know about the current state of zombies and Talkers. Just seeing what Kaya has been up to in Altura was also reason to need this trip back to Altura. This was more of her in action and getting back into what he does best. Even with the kid, these moments are important to capture for the sake of overall relevance. I was almost fearing the part the actress would continue to play while also appearing in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as well.

Z Nation “Hackerville” had a lot of things going on, and all of it what you have been waiting for and more. Hackerville was a unique experience, and had a notable face to it. Cutting back to Limbo was intense and chilling for all that we are now able to see with our own eyes about the corruption of Altura. Everything is beginning to come full circle now, and that means big things are coming for us to look forward to.

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