Z Nation “Killing All the Books” Review


Z NATION — “Killing All the Books” Episode 505 — Pictured: Kellita Smith as Warren — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

First Altura, now Pacifica. Who knows what we have to look forward to when the dust settles this time around. I just don’t know if there is anything to save at this point. There might not be anything worth saving at this point. I can’t fight this feeling like we have reached that point where you might be better off trying to survive the experience than to get people to play nice with one another.

Picking up from that instant where explosions went off, they instantly had our attention when the last thing we were ready for was another massacre. The end of the world feels that much closer when you lose this many people in such a short amount of time, and all because they can’t agree on the best way to see tomorrow. My instant worry was for CZ, Kaya, and their family. We’ve been exposed to all sorts of heartbreaks in this series, but losing Sarge this early had meant that this was anything goes for this cast. The last thing I know I wanted to see was two parents lose a kid, or a kid lose one of his parents in this rescue attempt. Any one of them could have been next when no one’s safety was assured as long as they were in side the library still going boom. What followed was our first real taste of horror this season, and the execution was perfect. From the waves of zombies, to the dark lit hallways, to the building collapsing from above, you weren’t given room to breathe as there was something to fear around every corner. Almost every time that a zombie popped out I had to hold my breath for what could go wrong in that moment.

I will hand it to the showrunners and make-up team, they had their work cut out for them this week between the many zombies/Talkers, and the many explosions going off around the library.

When Warren, Doc, and George made their way to the library, it was the emotional response from George that gave their part power. For Warren and Doc, this is nothing new that they haven’t experienced before. All this death for George isn’t anything too new, but she hasn’t had this kind of brush with death on this scale. Not after everything she has tried to build. There was no tougher pill to swallow for her than to truly understand the meaning of mercy in this episode. That was only part of her revelations when coming to terms that her goals might be a bit further out of reach than she hoped. As I said last week, this was another time where they hit us with strong writing between George and Warren when they continue defining what it means to be a leader. Do you falter when things don’t go your way? Or do you stand up tall to make sure no one died in vain, and that the casualties ended right then and there? I would love to see where the line is drawn for her, but having a difference between her type of leadership and Warren’s is the smart play for now.

Z NATION — “Killing All the Books” Episode 505 — Pictured: (l-r) Katy M. O’Brian as George, Kellita Smith as Warren — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

I liked for the most part that this episode mainly focused on the rescue attempts and survival in Pacifica. We only went back to Altura to further address the current condition of 10K. His frustrations are understood, and still you would want to see where his role changes without is dominant hand. I only hope that where he ends up now doesn’t pull us away from bigger developments at the wrong times.

With that said, this episode was also action-packed. I would be shocked if anyone wasn’t satisfied with what we got here when there was much more than pulling out a pistol and solving every problem with a headshot. The weapons they all had on hand allowed them to show just how much they have grown to know exactly where to strike a Z down, and how. The hand-off that Warren and George did in one scene alone made everything about this massacre worth it. That kind of dynamic you aren’t going to always get outside of this situation.

How things ended for Pacifica was a great change of pace from Altura and other places alike. You kind of walk away from these places and there’s barely anything left to go back to. However that was not the case here. There was some hope in place of loss, and that is the only thing you can’t take from this series of unfortunate events. The tease we finally got of the one main character who we haven’t caught up to yet was a nice cliffhanger. It leaves us with a few more questions than we really need, but who cares when everything should at last come full circle following the events of the previous season.

Z Nation “Killing All the Books” was as a whirlwind of emotions. If you aren’t people who have been through it all, this was a crushing experience whether human or Talker. This season so far is challenging everything we thought was the worst that people could do to each other.

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