Z Nation “Limbo” Review


Z NATION — “Limbo” Episode 506 — Pictured: Keith Allen as Murphy — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

The episodes so far have been big for what unfolded within these shocking developments. Normally we don’t have too much to look forward to until that moment hits, but this week shakes things up where we now have two big wheels set in motion. One involving where and what Addy has been up to all of this time, and finding out what the heck is Limbo. We know Limbo is an underground casino run by Murphy and his Blends, but nothing is ever truly that perfect in this world, is it?

Starting this episode off on familiar ground was also a great move. When I say familiar ground, I mean seeing these characters doing what they do best in a zombie apocalypse. You know, killing zombies? I wouldn’t say that as a problem of course, but we all do love when the zombies are just zombies that you kill to get from one point to another.

Our introduction to Limbo was probably the most fun that we have ever gotten out of a new destination in Z Nation. That’s not to say that there haven’t been a few here and there, but this was the first place to truly ignore the madness of the outside world. A legitimate casino, that welcomed every walk of life aside from actual zombies? An excellent supply of alcohol, and also plenty of wiggle room. They put the work into making this a distinguished setting in contrast to others. I loved the red lightning, and I’m not even going to question how they managed to put together the attires and costumes. Not when we got both Murphy and Doc looking their most classy in black and red. Meeting up with Murphy here was comical when his situation could have gotten so much worse if he ran into anyone other than his Blends. They built the kind of setting that only people like Murphy could enjoy and thrive from. Playing hero and survival is nice and all, but what greater joy is there than being able to ignore all genuine responsibility?

What troubles Limbo faced was clever since it wasn’t the kind you could have seen coming. The ripple effect from Altura has presented different situations depending on the location. Altura turned into a place built on fear and hate. Pacifica turned into a mass grave, yet also still held on to the kind of hope that keeps a place from fully falling apart. Then we have Limbo who would of course suffer from what happens when Talkers are both welcomed and taken in without the proper sustenance to make sure that they stay passive. To that extent you knew where things would go wrong, but it was the how which catches you off guard. Especially when this all leads to some unwelcome guests making their presence known once more to stir the pot.

Z NATION — “Limbo” Episode 506 — Pictured: (l-r) Russell Hodgkinson as Doc, Keith Allen as Murphy — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

Getting to that point of escalation this time around was a unique experience. Not only that, it was comedy gold when they once again took advantage of what fun it can be to have Murphy and Doc share in the same shenanigans. I mean, look at that image to the left. Kinda jealous that Doc is over here proper fit for the apocalypse. With that said, there’s something about a Murphy who is willing to do anything to save where he belongs that makes you fall in love with him all over again.

Our reunion with Addy came with excellent execution. I think the only thing we were missing from this season was fallout from the season before. When season 5 began, we were quick to jump into the events of the next. Not much emotional baggage to carry over or an aftermath aside from the creation of the Talkers. Seeing Addy again opened some doors where we could take a step back to remember the loss of Lucy, what it means to actually be alone, and how different the dynamic of Operation Bitemark can be when one of the core members parts ways. This reunion was heartwarming, but it was also full of tension that you would have had to see coming with the team and Addy now having two different objectives. Addy’s goals were cool and right up her alley in this new world. It was one that gave her purpose, and it made sense of the unease we felt about whether she was someone we could trust like before, or fallen off of the wagon.

Z Nation “Limbo” was a fun ride for everything that this place turned out to be, and for the kind of reunion that was worth waiting for since the start of this season. This fight keeps evolving, and there’s no telling what one side will do when the other is pushed to a point of no return.

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