Z Nation “Pacifica” Review


Z NATION — “Pacifica” Episode 504 — Pictured: Sydney Viengluang as Dr. Sun Mei — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

Three episodes in and Z Nation did it again with their uncanny ability to take everything you looked forward to and throw it right out of the window. If you thought everyone would escape this massacre in one piece? Guess again. If you thought Newmerica was in the future for George and company? Guess again. Its a whole new ball game and no one is safe when human nature has kicked into overdrive, and on a larger scale than it has ever been in the series.

Our introduction to Pacifica was just as refreshing as Altura. Altura was great because we couldn’t see the dangers on the surface, not till the explosion hit. Then we have Pacifica where you could tell something was wrong almost right away. The attack at Altura quickly changed the landscape everywhere you turned. It was a big shift in status quo when so quickly we could see one of the best places for peace among humans and talkers to devolve into madness and hate. The reaction from George and a few others said mroe than enough when exposed to how this place dissented into chaos.That wasn’t to say that there wasn’t room to be impressed by their accomplishments in contrast to other places, but this places quickly turned into one more location where you were better off moving on than sticking around for the worst. On a brighter note, it was nice to finally see Kaya and her family again. After everything that has happened, it matters to see what can be experienced that is normal, even if fleeting under these conditions.

George and Warren really had some of their best moments in this episode. You question what defines a leader in a world like this, and they were your best answer. For so long we have always had Warren to look to for that kind of representation, but George has been the perfect way to shake things up. She has optimism, and she has held on to it in the face of so much that has gone wrong up to this point. You might look at a character like her and say naive, but that would not be the case for George. I enjoyed how she finds her moments to speak up. To take command without intimidation. Logic and epmpathy over everything else is a breath of fresh air in contrast to what other people would do in her position. The would quickly break or give in to baser instincts. Having Warren by her side again was great for the comparison in approach. Warren will make sure that you hear her, and a lot of the time doesn’t have the patience for bull. It is a good change putting her in this position where she can step back and access what goes on around her before jumping in, and knowing just what to say in order to back up the vision of George’s.

Z NATION — “Pacifica” Episode 504 — Pictured: Nat Zang as 10K — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

Back in Altura, the tensions rising were a tough pill to swallow. With every scene where Roman Estes steps in you could see where the world was shaping more under his control than George’s. He made you feel like you should be afraid of something. You would never know what exactly, but his fear-mongering of the Talkers left you with unease. Especially if you were Sun Mei or the others who probably should not still be there of all places. Heartbreaking is an understatement for 10K after losing both his hand and Sarge. I was in suspense for someone to possibly die, but not this way, and not at the cost of what makes one of our favorite characters who he is. I don’t know what the future will hold for him, but once again Z Nation pulls no punches with what these characters can go through.

Seeing that Lt. Dante may be part of an underground network helping Talkers flee human vigilantes was exactly what we needed to see unfolding on the other side of this story. When you introduce Talkers, there’s no reason why they should fall to the background as sheep to the slaughter. It does this story a big favor when they have their own story to follow as people who are probably suffering more than most who are still survivaling the apocalypse. Suffering of course, and that doesn’t come without some sort of response. The kind that you couldn’t be prepared for after everything that has already occured. I was floored by the fact that we were still bracing ourselves for the worst that is now possible for this new world.

Z Nation “Pacifica” took whatever you thought was pacifist about this place and lit it up. The shockwaves of Altura are spreading, and no one is free from that aftermath. You can’t trust Talkers, you can’t trust the humans. Who do you count on at a time like this where you can only depend on who you started this adventure with?

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