Z Nation Season 5 Premiere “Welcome to the Newpocalypse” Review


Z NATION — “Welcome to the Newpocalypse” Episode 501 — Pictured: (l-r) Kellita Smith as Warren, Mario Van Peebles as Cooper — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

The season finale of Z Nation season 4 was one heck of a roller coaster to be thrown on. Not just for what happened in that finale, but for how it ended. I mean, what the heck were we looking forward to next season? When the promo for season five released, I had nothing but questions. How did Warren go back to black hair? How did she survive? What does it mean for Murphy to turn red with his exposure to that gas? The showrunners and cast have their work cut out for them in this season premiere.

Finding out what happened to Warren was a big thing for me. I was fairly sure nothing would happen to the others, so I was more anxious to see what happened to the woman who was stuck in a ship that was inevitably going to crash. It could have blown-up on impact, something could have released, who knew what could have happened after the events of the season four finale. All we knew later on was that she somehow survived, but how? The answer to that worked for me. It wasn’t a miracle survival as it was of course cutting it close. How she ran into this Cooper wasn’t too convenient either. They played strongly upon the idea that someone like Warren can feel worn out by the constant missions and fighting. She can feel guarded, lonely, all the things that come with making it this far in a zombie apocalypse. Some have strong opinions about Z Nation and the seriousness of the show, yet they have not made it to this point where the experience has evolved enough that it isn’t just the shenanigans that connects you to these characters. With that said, I think most of us can appreciate the scene taken for us to be reminded that despite all of this, she has not gone soft.

What’s so painful about what’s developing between Warren and Cooper is the question of how far this goes. When you know these showrunners and writers, you know that nothing lasts forever. Not in the sense that we would like it to. Someone could be around one minute, gone the next. A friend today, could be your enemy tomorrow. It could even become more extreme than that. The fact is that as well as their story is written for this episode, it is difficult to be that guy to attach to maybes.

Z NATION — “Welcome to the Newpocalypse” Episode 501 — Pictured: Keith Allen as Murphy — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

Catching up with some of the others leaned towards more entertaining. I think they chose a good group to have stuck together because of the dynamic between them. It would have been a crime if they even considered splitting up Doc and Murphy. Those two have a connection that is always going to create a laugh. Now speaking of Murphy, I loved this new look for him. We still don’t know what red means for him, but right now he is the most normal he has ever been. Well not too normal once you started piecing together some familiar things about his new habits, but personality wise, you couldn’t ask for a better Murphy at the moment. Not to mention I feel as though this hairstyle is more fitting to his personality. Their current objective made sense for them seeking out the next best place, Newmerica. At the same time it was appreciated that they could have that one moment to question how they planned on finding Warren, if she was still alive.

Doc and company making it to Newmerica went somewhat as expected when nothing is ever as advertised, but it was still one of the better destinations so far. George was an appealing character from the introductions alone. Most people off the bat you could tell had some problems, but she doesn’t wear those on her sleeve. Their was an air of friendliness, and understanding of how the world around her turns. Not to mention she was a quick guide to what we were dealing with when it came to these new zombies.

The new zombie introduced in this season’s premiere was as out there as it gets for breaking the rules of the undead. I mean they almost literally threw the book out the window when at this stage they have decided that it is possible for zombies to be able to react as if they are somewhat conscious. The actual reveal of this zombie was clever. You didn’t know exactly what it mean to be a Talker till they were fully explained. I couldn’t argue with the reason myself, because Black Rainbow really did change a lot of things. So when I say that the rule were thrown out the window, that wasn’t an exaggeration.

Tonight’s Z Nation season 5 premiere “Welcome to the Newpocalypse” was an awesome start to this new chapter. We haven’t seen everyone’s fates yet, but for those we had the chance to catch up with, it was an exciting time to see where they go from the events of last season.

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