Z Nation “Warren’s Wedding” Review


Z NATION — “Warren’s Wedding” Episode 407 — Pictured: (l-r) Keith Allen as Murphy, Russell Hodgkinson as Doc, Nat Zang as 10K — (Photo by: Daniel Sawyer Schaefer/Go2 Z 4/Syfy)

Last week was one of those times you feared for Z Nation. What makes this show so different from the others is that they are willing to kill off anyone at a moments notice. I mean we already have three characters missing at the moment, two of which are main characters and any one of them could be dead as well .These moments come out of the blue and that is what keeps you at the edge of your seat each week. This week we are bracing for what the fallout will be from this group and Murphy in particular after Lucy’s sacrifice. There are plenty of ways for someone to die in a zombie apocalypse, but that was creative for the self-sacrifice to go out on your own terms and with good intentions.

Murphy’s response to Lucy’s sacrifice mean everything transitioning into this new episode. This is a guy who can be the greediest you ever met, put himself before everyone else, and yet nothing could top the love he had for his daughter. Her loss hit very hard because you would have wanted to see some resolution between the two, but their actions spoke louder than any words could in their final moments together. Showing this kind of emotion for someone else was just what we needed to see from Murphy as he did need one more reality check to grasp the world he is living in. The lesson he took from this detour was worth it for being able to tackle his grievances without self-destructing.

This episode was one to appreciate. If there’s one thing we don’t necessarily see enough from, it’s the emotional and mental toll that these losses hold on the group. It’s like they say, it’s not the zombies that make you sick of this world, it’s the people. For as many issues with zombies that they can run into, it is other people who drag them into these situations. So it only makes sense that someone will find the last straw with tolerating corrupt behavior. It was only a little odd that it is Warren right now telling everyone to think about their actions when she is the one who has led them down this path. Is that usually the mindset that you expect from Warren? Sure, but right now she isn’t in the right mind one-hundred percent. You sort of root for the others taking action on their own even if there was the fear of committing an atrocity as misplaced revenge.

Z NATION — “Warren’s Wedding” Episode 407 — Pictured: Circus Zombies — (Photo by: Daniel Sawyer Schaefer/Go2 Z 4/Syfy)

What trouble they ran into this time around did shake things up since for once they weren’t actually forced into an interaction they didn’t need. They somehow managed to bring the trouble to themselves. Especially when you come to understand that things really were not as they seem on the surface. That certainly shook things up since to some extent what they experienced at the hand of these clowns they pretty much had coming for not thinking things through fully. With that said, it was also a little entertaining because Warren dropped some knowledge that you never knew she had for her profession pre-Zpocalypse. They had me worried about being team Warren this season, but this was an awesome development. It took some time to get around to this wedding as well, though it was worth the build up to the moment. You of course knew this was never going to happen. That much you could be sure of, but it was all about how this would happen, and how it would fall apart for being an obstacle for Warren’s mission.

Z Nation “Warren’s Wedding” was exciting, it had you with suspense, and it was captivating through these characters realizing what they need to fix about themselves. A lot of the issues I could have had or that could have lingered were corrected and that is what I love about Z Nation. Sometimes you just have to let the story tell itself, even when you aren’t too certain with the direction. Where the next episode leads us should be refreshing as well considering we are now taking a 180.

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