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Z NATION — “The Water Keepers” Episode 509 — Pictured: Survivors — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

Everything has been leading to this episode where we could trace all the terrorizing and chaos stirred to the last destination. The Water Keepers are the most important piece of the machine that keeps this system in order. I had my own expectations for what Warren, George, and company would run into this time around. However, I was also open to everything that has managed to be a surprise so far. There is no denying that what makes this story exciting so far is not knowing what is in store for these characters. Just about anything and anyone could be a problem to deal with.

Quite the mess that the team has gotten themselves into this week. This was a refreshing change of pace from the last two episodes when there wasn’t a clear state of chaos that the team was dealing with. Beyond the obvious fact that the water had stopped flowing to the rest of the outposts, this was a group of people we were introduced to who still had a system running. More humans than Talkers which in turn created more conversation than detective work. What shocked me was who managed to know who when the time came to engage with those in positions of authority with the Water Keepers. I’m not going to lie that some of the familiar faces were for the most part a blur. After the past season or so, its easy to forget some faces that aren’t necessarily a part of the bigger picture. With the Newmerica plot, it seems that no one is truly forgotten who has managed to survive up to this point.

Meeting with the Chief of the Water Keepers to get the water flowing to Newmerica was also refreshing of an experience. The Chief was someone in charge, actually capable of leading, and off the bat had a plan to get things fixed. The other two places were pretty much a lost cause from the start. You were practically just saving what there was left to save. This was the first time where there was some hope to take from everything not completely in shambles. This was at the same time interesting since George and Warren couldn’t really have a direct hand in helping out. They are more used to swooping in and getting the job done. This was the first time where they had to really play things by ear. Know when to step in, and when to watching what foot they stepped on. Obviously this would be a problem for the impatient and eager George, so you were also left in suspense wondering where her reputation starts and ends all the way out there.

I’m glad when I can be wrong with a show like this. I had the expectation that the last episode with Doc shenanigans was probably going to be that one episode for this season. The minute we started talking about another spirit walk to look forward to, you knew that this was the real moment to anticipate. Only Doc can have these sort of experiences that can only exist in a world like this. There was a little more to this spirit walking that they didn’t spoil us on. That I do appreciate since there’s a lot more to take from this experience when it isn’t just one person able to accomplish this feat that should be impossible. Taking it from other perspectives made this wild. Especially when there’s the added appeal that comes with the way that this act walks a fine line with the blur between the living and the dead. If we are being technical, you could say that the veil has thinned out enough that this makes more sense now than it ever could before.

Z NATION — “The Water Keepers” Episode 509 — Pictured: Russel Hodgkinson as Doc — (Photo by: Oliver Irwin/The Global Asylum/SYFY)

When it came to fixing this situation with the dam, I’m glad that the action did not disappoint one bit. From the look of the promo, there wasn’t going to be a shortage of action when the fists started flying to stop the person(s) behind this. Ninja did seem like a fitting word to describe the kind of enemy they dealt with. Plenty of other words came up throughout the episode, but that summed things up perfectly. They did not waste the opportunity to show that George can be just as badass in a fight as anyone else. She proved to have skills when taking on the zombies, but it’s another thing when you are dealing with those who know exactly what they are doing. This enemy terrorizing the Water Keepers was just the right kind of obstacle to throw their way that would demand a little more effort put into their fighting.

How 10K gets over this latest hurdle of his was worth the wait. Admittedly I was wary of how this storyline for him would progress given everything else unfolding that was of more importance. That’s not to say that what 10K is going through isn’t important, but you always risk a lot by focusing on one thing such as that. Nonetheless, it was fun to see some kind of development take form that would give the kid more relevance to the team again. I think I speak for most when I say it sucks to see him lost.

Z Nation “Water Keepers” was enjoyable for a lot of reasons. It wasn’t straightforward and gave us a lot of moving pieces that flowed together effortlessly. The characters met were familiar, they were memorable, and they were a good change of pace from the others who came before.

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