Z Nation “We Interrupt This Program” Review


That transmission sent by Kaya couldn’t have been sent at a better time for Warren and the group. Up till now it was either follow Warren’s visions to who knows where, or head to Newmerica. Now there is a third option which gives us a bit more direction to go off of. Connecting with Kaya gives us more reach across this new world, and pushes us towards a possible interaction that is at least familiar. Again we still have a number of characters who haven’t yet had the opportunity to either make their presence known or cross paths with everyone else again.

This episode reminded us of the fun you can have along the way. I could think of a few places I would like to possibly end up if I hit the road during a Zpocalypse, and I’m shocked that this wasn’t one of those that came to mind. It is thinking outside the box considering you would only find yourself in an abandoned TV news station if you were looking for a way to communicate with someone (if that is even in the realm of possibility). The suspense here was great because stepping into this news station was going to lead to some trouble. It wasn’t about how they would run into some puppies and kittens, but when.

Things moved pretty fast for the group. This wasn’t one of those times where you felt that they were truly in danger, which wasn’t much of an issue when it was the destination you were anticipating. The payoff from this adventure bared the fruits they needed to justify their next move.

Now the effect of the news stream on the bottom of the screen was a nice touch. It came out of nowhere, though just the kind of ridiculousness you expect from Z Nation. Then jumping back to the random news updates took things a step further because you knew that this was all leading to whatever must have happened leading to the demise of the Action News 9 crew. I actually assumed that the news crew zombies triggering haunting flashbacks from day one, would be flashbacks for Warren and the group. This however, was a bit more interesting when these are different characters sharing a different experience. Not to mention this was hilarious for the fact that many were naive about what was happening around them. It’s easy for people to find themselves too consumed by what’s going on in their lives to notice zombies, but these people took the cake. Truthfully I couldn’t tell if I wanted to laugh or fear for these people when they hit that moment of escalation.

With all that said and done, they handled the transitioning between the story of the past and what’s going on currently excellently. There are three different stories going on and they managed very well in flowing from one scene into the next.

Kaya’s situation is the most convenient, yet the most inconvenient at the same time. It felt like she and company were inevitably going to attract the wrong attention. The threat of Zona was a good development since they haven’t been seen in a good while, not with a strong presence to say the least. Going after Kaya meant that they are planning something and either need to resources or those they deem problems out-of-the-way. It took some time to figure out who was behind this raid, though nonetheless you knew that they meant business for whatever it was they are doing on a military base. All of this begged to question where Simon was. It was a big step forward when Citizen Z stepped away from his base, and you really wanted to see what he had to offer being proactive.

Z Nation “We Interrupt This Program” was entertaining, full of suspense, and full of action across the board. The flashback was not from anyone of this group, but it was a story worth telling regardless. It was genuine and different from most other instances that are used as ways to get to know a character. We just needed to see where things went wrong for this news crew and how those character’s actions contrasted to Operation Bite Mark’s. That aside, we get plot progression in a big way from Zona making bolder moves.

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